E-books on a whole new level

The concept of sharing our favorite books, music and movies just took on a meaning. This past week, Amazon was able to secure a patent for the resale of its digital goods. According to an article in The Washington Post, e-books could now have the possibility to be re-sold much like multitudes of college textbooks are every semester.

The process of reselling e-books sounds promising, but there are some elements that could be received quite negatively. One part that I thought sounded particularly concerning was that fact that when you sell a song, you lose it from your library as it transfers to the other person. It would be interesting to see the reaction people had to this concept, as most have become accustomed to keeping our digital music in our computers forever.  

Amazon has only just received approval for this patent that was submitted in 2009, but that doesn’t mean this will be available in the near future. This would be a huge undertaking for Amazon and the future of the digital market, and though it’s an intriguing concept, I think it could potentially cause more problems than it’s worth. 

The idea of sharing this extensively between digital users could also change a lot of privacy policys, something people have already become concerned with on other social media sites. In order for users to be able to share content, they’re going to have to share access to files, which would inadvertently give Amazon more access to user files. File sharing is a good idea to a point, but some amount of privacy is necessary for users to feel comfortable on a site and buying products.

It doesn’t sound like this service is one that we’ll be able to use anytime soon, but the existence of such an idea is cause for a lot of excitement. Being able to share things that we enjoy is always a positive thing, but when do we cross the line to the point of too much? The answer to this question will come with the acceptance or rejection of these kinds of services.

Dewey, C. (2013, February 06). Amazon patents resale marketplace for used e-books, songs and other digital goods. The Washington Post. Retrieved from http://articles.washingtonpost.com/2013-02-06/business/36946353_1_amazon-patent-patent-office-digital-music


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