Iphone users Play their Get Out of Jail Free Cards

Until recently, jail breaking an iphone to me always meant someone using an iphone on a network that doesn’t carry it. But I’ve learned there’s a lot more to jailbreak than the phone itself. Softwares are being created and updated constantly for users to “break free” of iOS software.

My question is, why would you want to jailbreak your iphone? A question I would say most people ask of those that choose to change the move away from the confines of iOS software. According to an article by Devindra Hardawar, jailbreaking allows iphone users to install unapproved software on their phones, as well as tweaks to the iOS interface. 

Most of these softwares aren’t compatible with the newest iOS 6 operating system, but first to successfully launch was Evasi0n, which came out early February. Evasi0n, whose icon is above, provides a jailbreak that stays with your phone even after a reboot, something that other jail-breaking systems had failed to do. (Hardawar) Evasi0n was used by over 7 million people in the first four days of it’s launch, but now may be facing push back from Apple software developers.

According to a Forbes article by Andy Greenberg, the latest update for iOS 6 looks to have patch many of the glitches Evasi0n takes advantage of in their software. These kinds of updates keep Apple products from being taken over by jailbreak softwares, and according to Greenberg, the fact that it took so long for a product like Evasi0n to become available shows that iOS may be becoming harder to crack. 

Even as Apple developers constantly update their work to fight the battle with the jailbreak, those on the outside say they will continue to be able to find the gaps and new ways to introduce their own software. (Greenberg) Obviously, I’ve learned through all of this that there is a lot more to jailbreaking a phone than I could’ve imagined. I’m excited to see whether Apple can keep up with the developers who at this very moment are finding a new way into the walls of the iphone 5. 

Hardawar, D. (2013, February 23). Apple’s latest iphone update could kill the popular evasi0n jailbreak.Venture Beat, Retrieved from http://venturebeat.com/2013/02/25/apples-latest-iphone-update-could-kill-the-popular-evasi0n-jailbreak/

Greenberg, A. (2013, February 25). Apple is beta-testing an update that kills evasi0n jailbreak. Forbes Magazine, Retrieved from http://www.forbes.com/sites/andygreenberg/2013/02/25/apple-is-beta-testing-a-fix-for-evasi0n-jailbreak/


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