Cell Phones un-leashed

T-mobile made some major announcements last week regarding the way their company is going to run, and as a long-time customer I am incredibly excited about it. The company has decided to go a totally new route in terms of payments and services, breaking away from the traditional two-year contract that has been used by cell phone companies for years.

The head of T-mobile making big announcements last week.

At most other services, including T-mobile until now, customers don’t pay face value for the phones they buy upfront. They instead end up paying off whatever they didn’t pay up front in their monthly bill..even after it’s been paid off. According to an article in the New York Times, T-mobile plans on putting an end to that. Customers can either pay face value of the phone right away when they buy it, or pay a minimum and then pay it off in monthly increments until the phone has been paid off. The company also plans on getting rid of the yearly contract, which would allow customers to leave at anytime without being penalized.

There are other big changes coming at T-mobile, one of the biggest being a simplification of their different plans. There will be 3 plans to choose from, all of which include unlimited calls, text and internet. The only difference between the three plans will be the amount of data you receive a month, which ranges from 500 megabytes to unlimited. And once you’ve used up your data for the month? You will no longer be penalized, but will drop down to 2G speeds for the rest of the month.

All of these changes are something that I am really excited about as a current user at T-mobile. I have long contemplated switching over to a different carrier that has better coverage and phones to offer. But with this new plan on it’s way, I am thinking twice about leaving T-mobile for good.

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