The new “faces” of the Watch World?

There seems to be a growing trend today of all our technology and media becoming more and more connected. That idea has taken the traditional watch to a whole new level. There are many different models entering the market that allow you to synchronize your watch to your smartphone. The two examples I found show off the different directions that designers could take for this concept. One, takes on the appearance of a traditional watch, while the other looks anything but traditional.

The first watch I initially came across was the Citizen Eco-Drive Proximity Watch. The watch, which was being reviewed in an article by Damon Lavrinc from Wired Magazine, takes on the look of a traditional analog watch. What lies underneath it’s traditional exterior is quite an amazing technology. According to Citizen Eco Drive’s website, the watch has the ability to give the wearer alerts when they receive phone calls, emails, calendar notifications and even a loss of connection.( What I thought was great about the way this watch was designed was that the alerts appear to the wearer on the outside band of the watch, which to me makes it a lot less obnoxious and more appealing to the everyday wearer. (Lavrinc, 2013)

There are some key features though that make this watch less than perfect. For starters the system only works with iphone software, which greatly limits their market for the product. Another major flaw pointed out by Lavrinc was the lack of text message alerts. A majority of people receive more texts than anything else, so it is a definite downfall that this technology can’t sync such an important aspect of communication.

Another synchronizing watch I came across was the Pebble. This watch carries many of the same ideas as the Citizen Watch, but takes a much different approach to style. The Pebble’s design take a much more modern approach, with everything about the watch being completely digital. According to Pebbles’s website, the Pebble is customizable, and runs on downloads that the user chooses, including things like email, message, and incoming call alerts. There is also the option of syncing your music, and gps to the watch. ( The Pebble has the ability to sync with both Android and iphone systems, making it a viable options for most of the smartphone user market. 

I’d say the choice between the two watch comes down mostly to what style of watch your looking for, as well as what operating system your phone has. No matter which watch you choose though, this is a great example of the way our technologies ever converging. 

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